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Deburring Finishing & Tumbling Machinery
  • Centrifugal Barrel Machines
  •       Rubber lined barrels
          Polyurethane lined barrels

  • Centrifugal Disc Machines
  • Linear Flow-Through Machines
  • Vibratory Bowl Machines
  • Vibratory Tub Machines
  • Spin Dryer Machines
  • Wheel Finishing Machines
  • Custom Machinery

  • Parts Washers

    Wastewater Recycling Systems

    Deburring Finishing & Tumbling Media
  • Ceramic Media
  • Plastic, Polyester and Synthetic Media
  • Porcelain, Corn Cob and Walnut Shell Media
  • Steel and Stainless Steel Media
  • XM / XA Tumbling Nuggets

  • Deburring Finishing & Tumbling Compounds
  • Abrasive Compounds
  • Abrasives for Fine Finishing
  • Burnishing or Coloring Compounds
  • Cleaning and Neutralizing Compounds
  • Rust Inhibitor

  • Services
  • Resolving Deburring Problems
  • Custom Processes Developed
  • Deburring / Surface Finishing Services
  • Repair and Rebuild of Machinery

  • Used and Remanufactured Equipment

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    About Us

    Richwood Industries, also known as Richwood Surface Technologies, has been in the deburring and surface finishing business for over 30 years. In this time, Richwood has become of the most established companies that specializes in not only the manufacturing of deburring and polishing/finishing equipment, but also in solving difficult deburring and finishing issues for customers with unique needs. In fact, back in 1998, it was Richwood's lead designer who introduced the new concept of manufacturing the deburring equipment in stainless steel to prevent rusting and deterioration.

    To complement the line of deburring and finishing equipment, Richwood offers a "batch" wastewater treatment system, which can handle up to 250 gph.

    Please take a few moments to browse our website or watch the videos on our homepage. Feel free to email or call us with any questions!

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